Vintage Negroni – an alternative Negroni

The age of the spirits matter with the the Vintage Negroni, one of the most evocative takes on the classic cocktail. Make sure to source spirits dating pre-1960s. The beauty of the Vintage Negroni is in the unpredictability of the bottle – it could be utterly divine, or equally one that hasn’t survived the test of time….

The recipe below was made for us by bartender Walter Pintus:

25ml 1950s Gordon’s gin
25ml 1960s Martini Rosso
25ml 1960s Campari bitters
1 hand-carved ice ball
2 orange peels

Transfer the spirits to a mixing glass over ice and stir. Pour the liquid from a height into a wide-rimmed tumbler that contains a single hand-carved ice ball (or equivalent). Squeeze the zest of one of the orange peels on to the rim of the glass to release the oils, and decorate with the other.

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